Have you ever wanted something so bad that it keeps you up at night? If you do not fulfill your purpose in life, there will always be a internal battle within you. If God has placed passion in your heart and a purpose on your life, please don’t let anyone or anything stop you from reaching your goals and dreams. Most importantly, Don’t talk yourself out of it. Never Quit Dream Chasers.

What is your passion and purpose?

What are you doing to fulfil it?

Dream Desperation by Dr. Pooler
Film Producer Kia Pooler
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There is an art and science to the balancing act of a successful hardworking mother of six. Balancing the boardroom, conquering the stages and cheering the loudest in the basketball stands. Its not easy, but somebody’s got to do it!

There is a an art and science to both. The home should also run like a business when it comes to schedules, routines, and making a commitment to have designated family quality time. Don’t forget the husband too, plus the cooking and cleaning.

How do you fit it all in? Dr. Pooler manages a successful Educational Consulting Firm, is a motivational speaker for At-Risk Youth and Author of “The Cards of Life” with four new book titles contracting for publishing this year.

How do you balance life, work, kids, husband, house duties, and have time for yourself?

Personally, I reward myself with meditation, yoga, a long walk or run, spa getaways after completing a big project. I give myself permission to listen to loud music and sing off key. Live in the moment and not stress out. It changes NOTHING! Commit to a family night once a week. Check the schedules and see which day works best to commit to a family game, movie, favorite meal or a night out. Plan and schedule time to check kids grades at least once a week, email teachers, and talk to your kids about what’s going on in their world.

At some point work has to turn off “find the balance of this”. Have a designated time that the phone is in a whole entirely different room. Silencing it doesn’t help when you see it buzzing and become distracted from text. I promise you the building will still stand if you don’t answer. If you are off of work and with the family –Be off from work and with the family.

Relationships– don’t forget the hubby or significant other. Make TIME for one another. Again NO phones, NO distractions. Catch a old movie, cuddle in the bed, listen to some throw back music, indulge in each others company.

Lets not forget about the job. It is how we eat. Right? Develop a schedule and keep to it. Do one or two things at a time well rather than four simultaneously haphazardly. Designate time for email check and reply as needed, Schedule a time for phone calls and return calls as needed. Prioritize what’s important from what’s really important. Try to remove yourself from the side bar conversations. I find while people keep talking to you thoughout the day distracting you from what has to be done. Your stuck staying afterwork playing catch up and they are long gone home. Stick to the point when conversing with others. Do the work, Do it right the first time and you won’t have to re-do it later.

Many say well Dr. Pooler, If I turn off my phone and avoid people during the day, how do I connect with staff and co-workers. Easy plan that too. Be strategic, schedule time to mingle, ask about the kids and family when the timing is appropriate. Remember birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. However, if the aforementioned in a part of practice all staff members can be on the same page. Let’s be effective, efficient, and make time for the bonding and fun stuff when if counts and matters. Schedule team building and time for staff hangouts AFTER the work is done and the GOALS are met.

Simply put its The BALANCING ACT of Art and Science, self-reflect on what you need to do to improve in parenting, relationships, personally and in the workplace. Develop a plan based on the reflection and stick to it! Share it and hold each other accountable for it.

Dr. Erica Pooler


Follow your passion, allow your faith to lead you.

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Source: Dreams must be bigger than your Fears of Failure!

Dramatic nanny-cam video shows the unbelievable moment a toddler rescued his trapped twin brother after their bedroom dresser fell on top of him. The 2½-year-old boys, Brock and Bowdy Shoff of Utah…

Source: Twin uses super strength to save brother from fallen dresser

These parents were lucky. I have been getting this article all day and I cannot watch it. Unfortunately, my first born son Mikey was not that lucky. On March 25, 2002, my life changed forever; I received my worst card yet. On Monday, my typical family night, we were in the living room. Kia, Mikey, and I were watching a movie. Mikey was a pistol of a kid and far beyond his years in intelligence. He kept attempting to get off the sofa. I laid him across my chest and he continued to bounce and make excuses to get up. He finally said, “Mommy, I gotta go potty,” so I allowed him to get up. Within seconds, I heard the loudest crash. My heart stopped as I jumped from the sofa and screamed for Mikey. There was no answer. I looked into his bedroom and saw the most horrific sight I had ever seen. My son’s dresser and TV were shattered on the floor and Mikey’s helpless body was mangled beneath it. I had never experienced this kind of pain and helplessness in my entire life. Nothing in my past had prepared me for this new card that was dealt in my life. I lifted the dresser off my little angel and picked up his unconscious body. He did not cry or move. There was one small tear dripping from his right eye. I was screaming, crying, praying, and dialing 911 all at the same time. I began CPR and tried to protect Kia who was panicking in fear of not understanding what was happening. I called my husband who was on his way in town to get to ORMC and mother-in-law and prayed for God to save my child. I prayed so hard. “Please, God, do not take my baby boy away from me.” I gave him his own words of the many miracles that he had performed. I trusted and believed that God would do this for me certainly I deserved just this one request. This was just another storm, with all that I had been through; surely I had suffered enough in my life. God would make this work out for me. From the looks of things, I knew that even if Mikey survived, he would never be my same fun loving little boy. His skull appeared to be fractured, but the skin was not broken. I prayed and cried out to God like never before. It was as if I was outside of myself moving in slow motion and disbelief. Mikey was airlifted to the hospital. I called my friend to take me to the hospital because I was not allowed to drive in my condition. When I arrived, my husband was already there. All we could do was hold each other and pray. This was what an out-of-body experience was like. The chaplain approached my husband and me. She told us that we could go back to see him but wanted to pray with us first. She held our hands and prayed for our strength and God’s mercy and grace. As we went back, my child did not look like my child. He had all types of tubes and wires coming from him. He was swollen and still completely unconscious. I got to hold Mikey in my arms and rock him slowly back and forth. I could feel his spirit near me; the beeping from the heart monitor was loud and scary. Oh, how I felt for my child. I wept for him. I held his body close to my heart and selflessly prayed that God’s will would be done in his life. It was in that moment that his heart stopped and his spirit left his flesh. The solid beeping of the heart monitor machine flatlined. My Mikey was gone.

This is an excerpt from: Dr. Erica Pooler. “The Cards of Life” Trafford, 2012-08-07 ibooks.
This material is protected by copyright but I want people to hear my story and take action. I would long to hold my son just one more day.

To loose his precious life from something so senseless is a daily heartbreak for me. Please share Mikeys Story and take action to be sure your loved ones are safe.

I want to warn parents to bolt/anchor furniture to the walls and mount televisions. I was not aware that something like this could happen. I have fault for laws and regulations to be passed. I have developed a safety education curriculum for free to download
at https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Mikeys-Safety-Check-2849170


Sure we are all entitled to our emotional validation or a minor venting here and there but nobody want to be around someone who complains all the time. Think to yourself, what does complaining actually do?

We hear complaining all around us at home, work, customers, dissatisfaction and ranting about what has us upset but truly does that help? Does it resolve the problem? Generally No

Your bad day just transfers your negative energy to someone else. Stop COMPLAINING and instead think on what you can be grateful for. You spend all day at work complaining about the job, the boss, the pay. Rather than being grateful you have steady income. If you are dissatisfied with the way your life is Stop COMPLAINING and do something about it. Instead plan a exit strategy and leave a good mark, leave big shoes to fill. Talk to your boss if he/she is approachable. They are human just like you.

Make a list of all the things you complain about. Then make a list of the great things and people in your life. Hopefully one outweighs the other. If your complaints are valid make a plan of action to make life better, the situation better and be apart of the change not apart of the problem. Trust me people are tired of your negative energy. They don’t want to hear it and they are tired of you bitching and moaning about what you don’t like, what you would have done or what make you sick and tired. Make a change! Stop complaining about your situation.

For my biblical people if it was not meant for you to go through it God would not have allowed this to happen to you. So seek him! Determine what you are to gain from your situation, frustration or downfall. Then dust yourself off, make a plan of action and begin your journey to make it better.



Don’t allow your cards of life determine how you play your hand I am the author of “The Cards of life, when all hope is gone trust then believe” This came from the notion… T… Source: “Dr. Eri…

Source: “Dr. Erica Pooler, Speaks to parents and students about how to play the hands they have been dealt in life”



How many times have you said, If I knew then what I know now? My, how I would have done things differently.

The issue is we don’t realize the power we have within ourselves, the power of our words and actions. Additionally, how are we passing on those life lessons to others, our mentees, our children or the many people who look up to us.

How powerful would we be to truly communicate and teach life skills, and life lessons to our children at a young age?

To teach them to lend and not borrow, to look at the bottom line.

Teaching them to know their value, to plan ahead, to find their voice. The power of a solid education. If only we knew the power that we held within, you write the chapters in your life story. What would you have done differently?


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Don’t allow your cards of life determine how you play your hand I am the author of “The Cards of life, when all hope is gone trust then believe” This came from the notion… T…

Source: “Dr. Erica Pooler, Speaks to parents and students about how to play the hands they have been dealt in life”